*Dutch Auction- Kala Fretless U-Bass (with flaw)

Dutch Auction Item:
Price goes down $1 a day until sold! This Kala Fretless U-Bass is beautiful, but has one small... More info...


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Dutch Auction Item:
Price goes down $1 a day until sold!
$271 as of 10/15/17

This is a new Kala Fretless U-Bass, but it has a slight defect as shown in the photos. There was a manufacture's "Plug Me In" sticker on the front (approximately 4" x 2 1/2") that left a lighter spot on the top where the spruce tanned everywhere except under the sticker. There is no damage to the finish. The sticker was made to come off cleanly, but it didn't allow light to get in, and therefor didn't tan as the exposed spruce did. We expect the top to eventually tan close to the same color (it has already darkened up a little since we put this on sale), but this will take some time, so we have picked this instrument to go on to our Dutch Auction Sale!

This FRETLESS Kala U-Bass plays wonderfully, and sounds great! The fretless models like this sound even more like an upright bass since they don't have frets. Plug it in, and you are ready to steal the show! The mahogany sides, neck, and back are all in brand new condition, and look beautiful, as does the spruce top with the exception of the untanned area shown in the photos.

We don't know how long this Dutch Auction will last. Come on in to try it out in person. You won't be disappointed!

Other models available. Inquire. This Dutch Auction item is limited to this one specific item. Once it is sold, it is gone. No backorders, or layaways. This new item does carry the full manufacturer's warranty, and comes with the original box and materials.
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*Dutch Auction- Kala Fretless U-Bass (with flaw)

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