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We are proud to carry a great selection of UltraSound Amplifiers and DI/Preamps. Click link for more information...


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We are proud to offer a great selection of UltraSound Amplifiers and preamps at Nashville Violins.

UltraSound offers the most comprehensive line of acoustic amplifiers with models available for every need and budget. If you're looking for an acoustic amplifier that will reproduce the authentic tone of your acoustic instrument, you've come to the right place. Ultrasound amps are known worldwide for their tone quality and the faithful reproduction of "any" acoustic Instrument.

We love them at Nashville Violins because they reproduce a true violin or fiddle tone that is full, and not too bright, with plenty of backbone. Come in to audition one today!

We stock the following models:
The UltraSound AG50-DS4US is one of UltraSounds's most popular amplifier models offering incredible sound and value with 100% All-Natural Tone. The compact and lightweight AG50-DS4US with 2 - 8" coaxial speakers custom made by UltraSound powered with 50 Watts is perfect for for the artist playing smaller venues, coffee shops, worship services, or just kicking back at home. Features 16 digital effects, 2 channels 1/4" or XLR with phantom power, aux input and more!

The AG100-CP100's high headroom and ability to handle attack transients without compressing the sound or getting distorted easily allows you to dig in and express yourself. A true powerhouse in a small package.

We also stock the popular DI-PLUS single channel DI/Preamp and the DI-MAX 2-channel stereo DI/Preamp (great for multi-instrumentalists). Use one of these preamps before going into other equipment to lower the impedance for a more friendly, fuller sounding tone. The DI can go into a PA system by using the XLR output, or use the 1/4" output to go into an amp or other equipment. You will love the way these make you sound!

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UltraSound Amplifiers

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