NS Design NXT Model Electric Violins

The NS Design NXT model electric violins feature unique looks and versatile setup and playability at an affordable price. More info...

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NS Design NXT electric violin- available in 4 or 5 string, amberburst or black, standard or fretted (additional charge for frets or 5-string models) opens up a new horizon for the serious musician seeking to play a world-class electric violin on a reasonable budget. These instruments, crafted in the Czech Republic, show quality workmanship at a good value.

Light weight and perfect balance are very important factors for any electric violin, and the NXT Series tops the charts as one of the lightest electric violins on the market. Weighing in at 1.29 pounds (1.34 pounds for the NXT-5), the NXT pioneers special carving techniques to reduce the weight of the maple body, while preserving rigidity and a modern appearance. Ultralight tail-mounted tuners allow precise adjustment, easy string changes, and keep the balance point of the instrument close to the shoulder for maximum comfort.

The NXT adjusts easily to any violinist's style with its custom shoulder rest which can be formed by the player to fit the body. Using set screws, the bridge can be readily adjusted to the desired action height as well.

We carry many other models of Ns Design instruments, including the WAV model violins and NXT Cello. Please inquire.



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NS Design NXT Model Electric Violins

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