Yamaha THR Series Modeling Combo Amplifiers

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Yamaha's THR Series amplifies take the personal-amp concept to a new level of audio fidelity. The finest tube amps respond to a player’s every touch – with picking dynamics and playing style adding as much to the tone as your guitar and pickups. Using Yamaha’s exclusive VCM (Virtual Circuitry Modelling) technology, THR__ perfectly recreates the unmistakable response and dynamics that only a boutique tube combo can provide.

The standard model THR, the THR10 sounds great in a wide range of genres, whether played delicately with a clean sound, or with a more edgy, distorted tone. Now the THR10 has been upgraded to version 2, delivering even better quality sound. read more

The little brother of the THR10, the THR5A offers the sound quality of the THR10 in a more portable form, with effects designed specifically for acoustic instruments, making it perfect for use at home or when traveling. Besides losing some of the effects geared towards electric instruments (like distortion), the THR5A doesn't have the 5 programmable channels. That helps to get the price down. It does still come with USB interface and recording software just like the THR10. Now the THR5 has been upgraded version 2, with an even better sound that defies the convention that sound quality has to be sacrificed in a small amp with a small sound. read more..

Here are a couple of fun videos that show a little of what you can do with one of these awesome amps!

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Yamaha THR Series Modeling Combo Amplifiers

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