Lock-It Guitar Strap

Patented, snap-action locks feature space age, polymer-alloy components for maximum toughness, long life & durability. A specially designed spring powers automatic locking and assures lock recovery. It's been designed to bend and take abuse and remain working for many, many years.


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With regular strap locks:

  • You risk altering your original guitar permanently.
  • You risk losing your original hardware.
  • You need to modify a strap to accommodate the other parts.
  • Your guitar may lose value at resale.
  • Metal strap-locks rattle.

Lock-it straps do not suffer the drawbacks of metal strap locks. They're quiet, virtually undetectable, and can fit more easily in your guitar's case while still attached to your guitar.

Lock-it straps are virtually indestructible. They can be bent, twisted, folded in half, pushed and pulled in ridiculous directions and always return to working condition. NO other strap-lock can make this claim. It's part of Lock-It®'s patented technology. Lock-it straps should meet or exceed all of your guitar-locking expectations!




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Lock-It Guitar Strap

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