Pickups and Electronics

Pickups and electronics can be put in almost any instrument, right here in our workshop! Nashville Violins has highly trained luthiers that can install, remove, or replace custom electronics to suit your needs.

Barcus Berry Bass Pickup, Clamp On

Easy on and off pickup installation without tools. The Barcus Berry bass pickup has a full, loud signal suitable for almost any application. Clamp on pickup has a long, non-detachable cable with an RCA output.

$99.95 B3150M Select output:
Barcus Berry Bridge Pickup, Violin

Industry standard for many years for playing violin or fiddle with loud bands. Big, full sound. Bridge with built-in pickup and optional output must be professionally installed.

$94.75 1320- Select output options:
Barcus Berry Clamp On Violin Pickup

Great choice for a removable pickup without having to modify the violin. Easy on/off installation attaches with a small screwdriver to existing bridge and includes...read more

$134.80 B3100
L. R. Baggs Violin Bridge Pickup

L. R. Baggs pickup is embedded into a quality bridge. *MUST BE PROFESSIONALLY INSTALLED* Fits 4/4 violin only. Piezo element picks up vibrations in all directions for an accurate representation of violin tone. Available with or without output jack.

$199.00 $149.95 On Sale! VIO- Select output:
L.R. Baggs Gigpro Preamp

Single channel universal belt clip preamp. Simple function makes any pickup sound better, volume, bass and treble controls, 9V phantom power for mini-mics

$139.00 $99.00 On Sale! Baggs-GP
L.R. Baggs Para Acoustic D.I.

External parametric 5 band EQ/Direct box preamp, makes any pickup...read more
We also have the new L. R. Baggs Venue D.I. read more

$269.00 $189.00 On Sale! Baggs-PDI Select options:
Schatten economy pickup

Schatten pickups now offers a decent quality pickup for those on a tight budget. Non-terminated (no plug), can be installed on any instrument with tape or glue, interior placement is highly recommended. Great for use with electronic tuners or at low volumes. Please see our complete selection of pickups for more professional models and output jack options.

$19.95 EP01
Schatten 1/4" Output Jack, Cello or Bass

1/4" output jack assembly for use with any cello or upright bass pickup. Does not require modification of the instrument...

$65.00 BJA Select instrument options:

Violin Bridge Pickup - Schatten Design

Built in pickup/bridge for violin. Nice clear tone, hotter output does not require a preamp (although it never hurts to have one for more control of your tone). Our standard choice for electric violins in the shop...

$94.95 Sch- Select output:
Violin Jack Assembly - Schatten

1/4" output jack assembly for use with any violin or viola pickup. Does not require modification of the instrument. Non-marring clamp attaches like a chinrest. Can be used with any pickup to install a dependable standard 1/4" output.
*Pickup not included*

$49.95 CJA
Violin Jack Assembly PLUS Volume - Schatten

New 1/4" output jack assembly with volume control for use with most violin pickups.
*Pickup not included*

$79.95 CJA+
VVM-PRO Pickup for Violin/Viola/Mando

Schatten Design stick-on pickup for violin, viola and/or mandolin. Easy to install, no preamp necessary...

$174.95 $139.95 On Sale! VVM2-PRO
Yamaha THR Series Modeling Combo Amplifiers

Yamaha Modeling Amplifiers pack a ton of features and power into a small size... read more

$465.00 $299.99 On Sale! THR__ Select Model:
UltraSound Amplifiers

We are proud to carry a great selection of UltraSound Amplifiers and DI/Preamps. Click link for more information...

$149.00 $449.00 On Sale! AG-_ Select model:
Planet Waves 1/4" Instrument Cables

Planet Waves cables are made by D'Addario, and represent excellent quality cables, at affordable prices, that are built to withstand heavy use.

We stock several of their more popular cables with standard 1/4" plugs...

$13.50 PW- Select a model:
Realist SoundClip - Cello or Bass Pickup System

The Realist SoundClip clamps easily on to the bridge of any cello or string bass (specify when ordering), without marking or damaging. Clamping allows it to be added to or removed from the bridge at any time without hassle. Great for traveling cellists or bassists, or for those who don't always want a pick-up.

$399.95 RLST- Select model:
Barcus Berry Cello Pickup, clamp on

Easy on and off pickup installation with only a small Phillips screwdriver without modifying your instrument. The Barcus Berry cello pickup has a full, loud signal suitable for almost any application. read more...

$96.70 3125M Select output:
Yamaha Silent Electric Violin Models:

The latest generation of Yamaha Silent String Instruments offer players of all levels the most sophisticated features for silent practice or performance. Read more about different models below...

$1,095.00 $775.00 On Sale! YSV-__ Select Model:
Barcus Berry Vibrato AE Series electric violins

Available in several exciting colors, the Barcus-Berry Vibrato AE Series acoustic/electric violins...read more

$923.99 $699.99 On Sale! BAR-AE- Select Color:
NS Design NXT Model Electric Violins

The NS Design NXT model electric violins feature unique looks and versatile setup and playability at an affordable price. More info...

$1,769.00 $1,269.00 On Sale! NXT-___ Select model:
NS Design Electric Upright Double Bass

NS Design Upright Electric Doubles Basses, available in several models, including the NEW WAV model, 4 or 5 string, includes ...read more

$1,429.00 $999.00 On Sale! Select model:
NS Design WAV4 and WAV5 electric violins (lower price!)

Designed and built to deliver great sound, excellent playability, and long, dependable service, the NS WAV series electric violin provides an affordable option for... more

$949.00 $599.00 On Sale! NS-WAV-_ Select Model:
Yamaha NEW YEV Model Electric Violins

NEW from Yamaha, the YEV Series is a new kind of electric violin taking its design inspiration from the organic beauty of wood...read more

$875.00 $595.00 On Sale! INST-YEV- Select Model:
*backorder* 5-String Glasser Acoustic/Electric CCAE Violin

5-String Acoustic/Electric Glasser Carbon Composite violins make the perfect stage instrument. Loaded with features including durable carbon composite construction, Perfection pegs, Bartolini electronics built into the chinrest with...

$1,590.00 $1,266.50 On Sale! CCEAVN-5S-___ Select Color (see notes):
NEW Glasser Acoustic/Electric CCAEX 4-String Violin

The AEX Series is the newest in the Glasser Acoustic/Electric Carbon Composite violin lineup. Now more affordable while still loaded with features including durable carbon composite construction, Perfection pegs, Bartolini electronics built into the chinrest with...

$940.00 $799.00 On Sale! CCAEXVN-1__ Select Color (see notes):
*Dutch Auction- NXT4 Electric Violin NS Design

Dutch Auction Item:
Price goes down $1 a day until sold! This NS Design NXT model electric violin in beautiful amberburst finish, includes case... More info...

$1,769.00 $806.00 On Sale! NXT4-VN
*backorder* Glasser Acoustic/Electric CCAE 4-String Violin

Glasser Acoustic/Electric Carbon Composite violins make the perfect stage instrument. Loaded with features including durable carbon composite construction, Perfection pegs, Bartolini electronics built into the chinrest with...

$1,390.00 $1,096.50 On Sale! CCAEVN-4-___ Select Color (see notes):


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Pickups and Electronics

Pickups and Electronics

This is only a small sampling of the electric instruments that we have in stock. We welcome you to come in or contact us with any inquiries.

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