This is only a partial listing of some of our more popular instruments. Please visit the shop or inquire for specific inventory. Our used inventory changes daily.
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Just some of the instruments at Nashville Violins

Educator Violin Outfit - all sizes available

Nashville Violins, Educator Approved Student Outfit:
Solid carved spruce top, maple back, sides and neck; inlaid purfling, real ebony fingerboard and pegs; includes shaped case with zippered cover and outside pocket, 2 bow holders, inside pocket, strap, and rosin. Fully setup and adjusted in our shop to play & sound great!

$259.99 Ed- Available in all sizes:
Xpressions Violins in Colors! *clearance sale*

We are proud to carry the Xpressions line of colored violins. We prefer these finishes over the standard painted violins, and we are sure you will love them too! *Update: Read more...

$395.00 $168.00 On Sale! XPV- Please select color:

DUTCH AUCTION- goes down $1 day until sold

Dutch Auction- Price drops $1 per day until sold!

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Current Dutch Auctions

$4,200.00 $1,788.00 On Sale! Dutch
*We have many instruments not listed on our website*

We have many instruments not listed on our website. Let us know if you are looking for something or check our instrument page here for newer listings:

$5,800.00 $4,800.00 On Sale! more instruments on page 5
Gustov August Ficker violin, c1925, Markneukirchen

Gustov August Ficker violin, c1925, Antonius Stradivarius model, made in Markneukichen, Germany...

$2,795.00 INST-331
Pietro Lombardi model VL502 from Eastman Strings, new

The Pietro Lombardi model from Eastman Strings is made with a beautifully flamed maple back, and a highly select spruce top... read more

$2,990.00 $1,899.00 On Sale! INST-VL502
American Violin by John L Tice, Nashville, TN

Here is your chance to own a violin that was made right here in Nashville, Tennessee! This John L Tice violin was made in 2008 and... read more

$1,500.00 INST-357
"Brooks and Ward" violin #55 c. 2014, American

"Brooks and Ward" violin #55 c. 2014, modeled after Stradivari Viotti, American. Lowered price!

$2,400.00 $1,200.00 On Sale! C339
Franz Sandner Symphony Strad Model 46F 4/4 German Violin

Advancing players appreciate the high quality, value and excellent performance of Franz Sandner instruments. Handcrafted in Nauheim, Germany, the #46F Symphony model violins are...

$1,895.00 $1,419.00 On Sale! INST-46F
Bill Lucchini model violin from Los Angles Strings, used, like new

This is a gently used "Bill Lucchini" model V380 violin from the workshop of Los Angeles Strings... read more

$1,900.00 $1,085.00 On Sale! INST-362
Nicolo Gabrieli Artist model 81F violin, new, Made in USA

Nicolo Gabrieli instruments are crafted exclusively from premium European tonewoods to exacting standards including hard graduation and finishing in the United States. The model 81F is no exception...

$2,495.00 $1,895.00 On Sale! INST-81F
Wilfer & Sons, German violin, new

New Wilfer violin, handcrafted in Germany under the guidance of the Wilfer family using their four generations of instrument making experience. High-quality seasoned tonewood with excellent attention to detail...

$2,800.00 $2,250.00 On Sale! #V40
Rosalia Violin Outfit

Made of selected seasoned spruce top and maple back. Superb playability and response.

$630.00 V9
The La Vielle #B44F Knilling violin

The La Vielle #B44F Knilling violin offers players an exceptionally attractive instrument that excels in both tone quality and workmanship . Read more...

$1,395.00 $1,045.00 On Sale! INST-B44F
7/8 Old German Strad Copy Violin

This old German violin has been kept in very good condition and has a beautiful walnut varnish with hints of red.

$1,295.00 C295
Euro Concert Model Violin

Made in Romania with aged Carpathian spruce and maple, ebony fittings. Better craftsmanship and wood choice than the Euro Standard or Basic. Hand applied antique oil varnish.

$950.00 $549.00 On Sale! 061N
Older German "Conservatory" violin

Older German violin. Branded "Conservatory Violin, Germany" on shield on back of scroll. Tastefully antiqued.

$1,500.00 #C-254
American violin by "Brooks and Ward" c. 2012, modeled after the "Viotti" Strad

American violin by the team of "Brooks and Ward" c. 2012, modeled after the "Viotti" Strad. This beautiful handmade violin is a STEAL at this new price...

$2,400.00 $995.00 On Sale! C338
Euro "Standard Antique" Step-up 4/4 Violin

Made in Romania, the Euro violins typically have a nice, rich, dark tone not often found in violins in this price range.

$675.00 $445.00 On Sale! 065N-4/4 Select package:
Older German copy of Nikolaus Amati model violin

Good example of a German Amati copy violin of the early 1900s... read more

$995.00 INST-286
Older, interesting violin labeled Landulphus

Older violin labeled "Carolus Ferdinandus Landulphus...1754" is an interesting 100 year old instrument that is worth a closer look...

$1,800.00 #189
*backordered* Euro "Standard Antique" 7/8 Size Violin

7/8 size violins are not very common, but they can be a good choice for someone that finds a 4/4 violin to be too big. Made in Romania...

$465.00 065N-7/8
Older German Strad copy electric violin

Older German Strad copy violin with dark finish, Barcus Berry bridge pickup...

$875.00 #290
*backorder* Euro Basic Antique model violin

Made in Romania, these violins typically have a nice, rich, dark tone not often found in violins in this price range. Matte finish is slightly antiqued to look older.

$475.00 $350.00 On Sale! 067N- Select size (and outfit if desired):
Revelle Model 500QX Violin

The superior refined and powerful Revelle 500QX is ideal for the advancing student performer or advanced player...

$999.00 $899.00 On Sale! REV500QX
Knilling Bucharest violin with Perfection 4:1 pegs

Knilling Bucharest violin with Perfection 4:1 pegs! The outfit includes the Knilling hardshell molded fiberglass shaped case, a Glasser horsehair bow, and rosin.

$769.00 $545.00 On Sale! P4KF1AA
*Dutch Auction- Wilfred Wisner, Juzek Artist model violin

Dutch Auction Item:
Price goes down $1 a day until sold!
Wilfred Wisner, copy of Juzek Artist Model full size violin with wide grain spruce top, lightly flamed maple back with matching sides and neck, ebony fittings with Parisian eye, imitation old finish...more info

$1,295.00 $697.00 On Sale! WJ
Older violin "Carl Reinhard" 1894

Bears a label from "The H. A. French Co., Nashville, Tenn sole agents" for this older "Carl Reinhard" violin made in Dresden, Germany and dated 18 July 1894.

$1,450.00 C251
*backorder* Rudoulf Doetsch Guarneri Model Violin

This Rudoulf Doetsch Guarneri model violin is crafted in Germany from select European tonewoods with a fingerboard made of high quality African ebony and ...

$2,694.00 $2,157.00 On Sale! VL701
Knilling Anton Eminescu 5-String Violin

This Knilling violin was made in Romania and is fitted with perfection pegs, more...

$972.50 P22.5
Old Bohemian violin labeled Ladislav F. Prokop 1903

Older Bohemian violin labeled Ladislav F. Prokop 1903.

$1,295.00 274
Older Maggini Model Violin

Older Maggini model violin, double purfled with newer blonde finish and rosewood fittings.

$1,195.00 301
Old Violin Labeled Johann Georig Voigt

Older violin with label "Johann Georig Voigt 1780"

$1,350.00 C322
Revelle model 600 violin

The Revelle Model 600 violin is handcrafted by master makers using premium spruce and select grade maple. It is 100% sound adjusted in the U.S. for optimum performance and has responsive playability and complex tone..

$1,609.00 $1,052.00 On Sale! #REV600
Knilling "Maestro" model violin outfit

The Knilling Maestro model violin outfit offers an opportunity for players to enhance their musical experience with an instrument which is solid carved and set up to enhance both responsiveness and tone. The finish...

$1,073.00 $645.00 On Sale! 130VN44
*backordered* Left-handed 4/4 violin outfit

Left-handed 4/4 violin outfit. Mildly antiqued.

$425.00 Lefty4
Left-Handed Peter Kauffman

Left-Handed model Peter Kauffman violin with boxwood fittings, more...

$1,350.00 PK250L
Xpressions Electric Violins *On sale*

The Xpressions line of colored violins make great stage violins. Our custom shop can install a variety of pickup options for you. Read more...

$795.00 $474.00 On Sale! XPVE- Please select color and pickup options:
*backordered* Knilling "Paris" Model Violin Outfit

Knilling's "Paris" Model has a striking one-piece flamed maple back with matching flamed ribs, neck, and scroll. The top is finely-grained spruce with inlaid purfling, ebony nut, saddle, endpin, and fingerboard with distinctive Parisian Eye ebony pegs.

$599.95 $399.95 On Sale! 116VN44 Order Options:
Barcus Berry Vibrato AE Series electric violins

Available in several exciting colors, the Barcus-Berry Vibrato AE Series acoustic/electric more

$923.99 $699.99 On Sale! BAR-AE- Select Color:
Older Strad copy violin, fancy scroll

Older Strad copy violin with nice woods, flamed maple back, fancy scroll, geared tuners...

$1,450.00 #341
NS Design WAV4 and WAV5 electric violins (lower price!)

Designed and built to deliver great sound, excellent playability, and long, dependable service, the NS WAV series electric violin provides an affordable option for... more

$949.00 $599.00 On Sale! NS-WAV-_ Select Model:
Dale Garrison violin #4 c.2003

Handmade American violin by Dale Garrison. Blonde finish, finest grade spruce top, flamed maple back, ebony fittings, bold scroll, #4 made in 2003.

$4,200.00 C318
Gary Mohler violin #10, made in Nashville, TN

American violin made in Nashville, TN c. 2008 by Gary Mohler... (more)

$1,495.00 C292
Glasser Carbon Composite Violin (several options)

Glasser Carbon Composite violins are revolutionary new instruments. Glasser Bows has long been a world leader in developing advanced products with the use of composite materials. Glasser Carbon Composite ... read more

$750.00 $544.00 On Sale! INST-CC____- Select Package:

NS Design NXT Model Electric Violins

The NS Design NXT model electric violins feature unique looks and versatile setup and playability at an affordable price. More info...

$1,769.00 $1,269.00 On Sale! NXT-___ Select model:
Yamaha Silent Electric Violin Models:

The latest generation of Yamaha Silent String Instruments offer players of all levels the most sophisticated features for silent practice or performance. Read more about different models below...

$1,095.00 $775.00 On Sale! YSV-__ Select Model:
Eastman Viola Outfit -all sizes available

Available in all sizes. Eastman has set the standard with their new student viola model, more...

$395.00 VA80AT- Select size:
Wilhelm Klier 16 1/2" Viola

Wilhelm Klier 16 1/2" viola, Strad model 702 Anno 2004.

$1,995.00 305
14" Rudoulf Doetsch German viola

The Rudoulf Doetsch instruments are always attractive, well-made, and an excellent choice for the advancing player. This little 14" German viola is no exception!

$2,860.00 $1,288.00 On Sale! VA701-14
*backorder* Revelle Model 500 Violin

The Revelle Model 500 is a teacher recommended step-up instrument that is perfect for a serious student. Great value at a moderate price.

$699.00 $629.00 On Sale! REV500
*backordered* Knilling "London" Model Violin Outfit

Knilling's "London" Model features a flamed two-piece back with a matching neck, scroll, and ribs. The top is made of even-grained spruce with inlaid purfling. The pegs, nut, saddle, endpin, and fingerboard are all made out of solid ebony.

$499.95 $369.00 On Sale! 114VN44
NS Design NXT Electric Cello

The NXT Series Electric Cello, available with 4 or 5 strings, fretless or fretted, opens up new vistas for the serious cellist. Crafted in the Czech Republic, NXT cellos exemplify flawless workmanship at an exceptional value. more...

$2,429.00 $1,499.00 On Sale! NXT4-CE Select model:
Educator Cello Outfit (all sizes)

Our Educator-Approved cellos are a great value. Features include ebony fittings, fine tuners on all strings, setup and fully adjusted with quality bridge and Prelude strings. Outfit includes soft bag and choice of Glasser horsehair bow or wood bow with horsehair...more

$995.00 EDCE- Select size and options:
Academic Series Cello with Perfection Pegs

The Academic Series instruments are very popular for many reasons!
Solid, carved tonewoods, antiqued matte finish, great tone and value. The Academic Series instruments have Perfection pegs that look like, more...

$1,250.00 ACAD-CE- Select size and bow options:
Educator Double Bass Outfit (all sizes)

Educator Series double bass outfit includes full setup and adjustment, quality bridge, strings, setup and ready to play. More...

$1,695.00 ED-BASS- Select size and options:
Kentucky A-Style KM150 Mandolin

Solid wood A-model. A very popular model from the Kentucky line of mandolins. Best value with solid spruce top, solid maple back, sides, and neck. Adjustable truss rod, deluxe tuning machines...

$450.00 $339.00 On Sale! KM150 Select Package:
Kentucky KM-752 F-Model Mandolin

For more than 20 years the name Kentucky has been considered one of the best valued, quality brands of Mandolins on the market. That success can be directly attributed to one of the most popular F-models...

$1,495.00 $1,095.00 On Sale! KM-752
Breedlove American Mandolin, used VGC w/OHSC

Breedlove KO series American-made mandolin, used VGC w/OHSC... (more)

$2,525.00 $1,258.00 On Sale! C299
Dolphin & Shark Model Makala Ukuleles

Simply the best entry level ukes on the market. Sound and playability usually suffer at these affordable prices but not with Makala. Fantastic sound and looks. It's even easy on the wallet with many colors to choose from!

$69.99 $49.99 On Sale! MKSD or MKSS Please select color:
Ukadelic Ukuleles

Ukadelic captures all that is fun about the ukulele. These colorful ukes incorporate art, culture and humor into their design. They are extremely playable and well made!

$79.00 MK- Please select model:
Kanaloa Soprano Ukulele

Kanaloa soprano ukulele, Sapele wood with geared tuners for easy tuning.
Great looking and sounding ukulele. Easy and fun to play!

$149.95 $109.99 On Sale! KS Please choose case option:
Kanaloa Concert Acoustic/Electric Ukulele

Kanaloa Concert Ukulele, acoustic/electric model with pickup. Experience the craze, and play it louder!

$209.95 $179.95 On Sale! KCE
Deering Goodtime Banjos

**On Sale** Save an EXTRA 15% OFF our normal sale prices on all Deering banjos!
We carry several models of Goodtime banjos, all made by Deering in the USA. Click for more info

$529.00 $479.00 On Sale! INST- Select your Deering Goodtime Banjo model:
Luna Muse Safari Travel Guitar

Smaller travel guitar made by Luna. These guitars may be small, but are well crafted, and we love them for both their comfort and tone. Includes more

$247.50 $179.95 On Sale! SAFMUS___ Select model:
Yamaha NEW YEV Model Electric Violins

NEW from Yamaha, the YEV Series is a new kind of electric violin taking its design inspiration from the organic beauty of more

$875.00 $595.00 On Sale! INST-YEV- Select Model:
5-String Glasser Acoustic/Electric CCAE Violin

5-String Acoustic/Electric Glasser Carbon Composite violins make the perfect stage instrument. Loaded with features including durable carbon composite construction, Perfection pegs, Bartolini electronics built into the chinrest with...

$1,590.00 $1,266.50 On Sale! CCEAVN-5S-___ Select Color (see notes):
*Dutch Auction- NXT4 Electric Violin NS Design

Dutch Auction Item:
Price goes down $1 a day until sold! This NS Design NXT model electric violin in beautiful amberburst finish, includes case... More info...

$1,769.00 $909.00 On Sale! NXT4-VN
Glasser Acoustic/Electric CCAE 4-String Violin

Glasser Acoustic/Electric Carbon Composite violins make the perfect stage instrument. Loaded with features including durable carbon composite construction, Perfection pegs, Bartolini electronics built into the chinrest with...

$1,390.00 $1,096.50 On Sale! CCAEVN-4-___ Select Color (see notes):
Scherl & Roth Symphony model 33 German violin, used

Scherl & Roth Symphony model 33, 1700 Strad Copy. German violin with narrow grained top. Narrow flame on back with a warm golden-orange varnish, used.

$695.00 INST-33
Older German Guarneri model violin

Older, unlabeled, German violin, Guarneri model, in good condition...

$995.00 INST-289
GRAND GERARD, Jean Baptiste violin, French

GRAND GERARD, Jean Baptiste violin, 14 1/8" body, Mirecourt, France early 1800s in good condition for its age. Has had some... read more

$1,495.00 INST-338
Rudolph Buchner, model 521 violin, made in Erlangen, Germany, 1958

Rudolph Buchner, model 521 violin, made in Erlangen, Germany, 1958...

$1,250.00 INST-352
1/2 size Wurlitzer violin, made in 1934 Rudolf Prosek, Czechoslovakia

1/2 size Wurlitzer violin, made in 1934 Rudolf Prosek, Czechoslovakia. This is a ...

$480.00 INST-371
Wilhelm Kretzschmar violin, early 1900s Markneukirchen, Germany

Wilhelm Kretzschmar violin, early 1900s Markneukirchen, Germany Label reads...

$2,250.00 INST-359
1909 Wm. Lewis & Son, Strad model #2 violin

1909 Wm. Lewis & Son, Strad model #2 violin, attractive dark finish...

$495.00 INST-373


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This is a only partial listing of some of our more popular instruments. Please visit the shop or inquire for specific inventory. Our used inventory changes daily.
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