Don't see your favorite rosin or don't know what to get? The Nashville Violins staff can help you select the best rosin for your playing or you can stop by the store to see our full selection.

Magic Rosin 3G

Magic Rosin has a lively new formula with a little "pop". Made of only pine rosins, and no other ingredients. More...

$13.95 Magic3G
Magic Rosin Ultra

Magic Rosin™ Ultra has a lively new formula with a little "pop" than Magic Rosin™ 3G rosin. Made of only pine rosins, and no other ingredients.

$13.95 Magic Ultra
Kaplan Premium Rosin

Kaplan Premium Rosin comes in an easy-applicator case that protects the rosin, and also makes it easy to apply. Suitable for violin, viola, and cello.

$16.50 $10.99 On Sale! KRD_ Select:
Clarity Spectrum Violin Rosin

Clarity Spectrum is a professional hypo-allergenic rosin for violin and viola. Available in Clear, Blue, Pink and other colors.

$12.50 925_ Select one:
Hill Rosin, available in light or dark

One of the most popular rosins for any serious violin, fiddle, viola, or cello player. Good bite, soft, easy to apply. Available in light or dark.

$12.79 $11.95 On Sale! Hill- Select one:
Melos Violin Rosin, Dark

Melos rosin is handmade with high quality Greek pine-tree colophony without any extraneous chemicals...more

$12.95 RS8213
D'Addario Rosin - Dark

Special fine grain dark rosin in cardboard container. Good for violin, viola, and cello.

$4.00 VR300
Geipel Hypoallergenic rosin

Geipel Hypoallergenic rosin, Made in Germany, sturdy box, contains no allergens

$7.95 Geipel
A. B. Rosin (Violin or Cello)

A. B. rosin with flexible cover. Available for violin or cello.

$6.50 AB-vn Select one:
Jade rosin

Jade rosin produces a soft, smooth tone, with low dust, enclosed in sturdy container. For violin, fiddle, viola, and cello. (Also available for bass)

$12.50 J100M Select one:
Gustave Bernardel Colophane (rosin)

Gustave Bernardel Colophane rosin, includes deluxe pouch/case. Made in France.

$10.95 RSB
Clarity Bass Rosin

Clarity Rosin for bass is clear, hypo-allergenic, not affected by temperature or humidity!
Available in Summer (harder) or Winter (softer).

$13.50 925__ Select:
Clarity Cello Rosin

Clarity Rosin for cello is clear, hypo-allergenic, and not affected by temperature or humidity!

$12.50 9251
Millant-Deroux "Red Cat" Rosin

Millant-Deroux rosin, also called "Red Cat", made in France. Quality rosin with a nice "bite" packaged in a protective container.

$11.95 MDD
Mini-Rosin in wood block

Small dark rosin in durable wood block with cover. Perfect for students and rentals.

$1.95 1000M
Nyman's Bass Rosin

Nyman's is the original premium Swedish bass rosin and the choice of many professionals. Can be used year-long. Not too hard, not too soft. Made in Sweden.

$15.49 RSN
Pirastro Rosin

Pirastro rosins are a available in several varieties. Many of which are specifically formulated to match their strings. Try them all!

$13.50 900__ Select one:
Pop's Bass Rosin

Very popular rosin for bass. General playing. Extremely soft. Enclosed in plastic flip-top container. Will run in warm weather. Many people prefer to mix this with harder rosin in the summer.

$10.99 POPS
Sherman's Bass Rosin

Sherman's bass rosin. Good student grade rosin in wood case with cardboard cover, dark, for bass only. Made in USA

$4.75 1083
Kolstein Premium Bass Rosin, All Weather

Recommended by many professional bass players, Kolstein provides smooth bowing with less dust to clean. Comes with new silicone packaging...

$14.95 RS6420


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