Cello/Bass Items

This is just a small selection of our cello and bass related items, many more instruments, cases, bows, and accessories are available in the store.

Viva Cello Endpin Rests

VivaCello Endpin Rests come in the same fun colors as other popular Viva products: Blue, Green, Purple, Red, or Black.
Ingenious three-point tripod design ensures solid floor contact and provides superior stability, especially on uneven surfaces.

$17.95 VC- Select Color:
Slipstop for cello or bass

Slipstop helps to keep your instrument from slipping on the floor when you play, and protects your floor from endpin damage. Works for cello or bass...

$8.95 Slipstop__ Select Color(s):
Please select 1st, 2nd, and 3rd color preference. We don't always have all colors in stock.
Xeros Cello Endpin Anchor with Strap

Xeros cello endpin anchor with strap that hooks to your chair. Holds your instrument from slipping away no matter how dirty the floor is! Made in USA...

$18.50 1049
Xeros bass endpin anchor with strap

Xeros bass endpin anchor with strap that hooks to your chair. Holds your instrument from slipping away no matter how dirty the floor is! Made in USA...

$19.50 1349
Clarity Cello Rosin

Clarity Rosin for cello is clear, hypo-allergenic, and not affected by temperature or humidity!

$12.50 9251
Sherman's Bass Rosin

Sherman's bass rosin. Good student grade rosin in wood case with cardboard cover, dark, for bass only. Made in USA

$4.75 1083
Clarity Bass Rosin

Clarity Rosin for bass is clear, hypo-allergenic, not affected by temperature or humidity!
Available in Summer (harder) or Winter (softer).

$13.50 925__ Select:
Pop's Bass Rosin

Very popular rosin for bass. General playing. Extremely soft. Enclosed in plastic flip-top container. Will run in warm weather. Many people prefer to mix this with harder rosin in the summer.

$10.99 POPS
Nyman's Bass Rosin

Nyman's is the original premium Swedish bass rosin and the choice of many professionals. Can be used year-long. Not too hard, not too soft. Made in Sweden.

$15.49 RSN
Educator Cello Outfit (all sizes)

Our Educator-Approved cellos are a great value. Features include ebony fittings, fine tuners on all strings, setup and fully adjusted with quality bridge and Prelude strings. Outfit includes soft bag and choice of Glasser horsehair bow or wood bow with horsehair...more

$995.00 EDCE- Select size and options:
Academic Series Cello with Perfection Pegs

The Academic Series instruments are very popular for many reasons!
Solid, carved tonewoods, antiqued matte finish, great tone and value. The Academic Series instruments have Perfection pegs that look like, more...

$1,250.00 ACAD-CE- Select size and bow options:
Educator Double Bass Outfit (all sizes)

Educator Series double bass outfit includes full setup and adjustment, quality bridge, strings, setup and ready to play. More...

$1,695.00 ED-BASS- Select size and options:
Barcus Berry Bass Pickup, Clamp On

Easy on and off pickup installation without tools. The Barcus Berry bass pickup has a full, loud signal suitable for almost any application. Clamp on pickup has a long, non-detachable cable with an RCA output.

$99.95 B3150M Select output:
Barcus Berry Cello Pickup, clamp on

Easy on and off pickup installation with only a small Phillips screwdriver without modifying your instrument. The Barcus Berry cello pickup has a full, loud signal suitable for almost any application. read more...

$96.70 3125M Select output:
Ingles Cello and Bass Stand w/Bow Holder

Unique adjustable stand from Ingles can be used for any size cello up to any bass. Highly adjustable, may be used with the endpin extended, security clasp to protect instrument, includes bow holder, folds easily for transport or storage.

$83.99 $68.99 On Sale! SA22
Schatten 1/4" Output Jack, Cello or Bass

1/4" output jack assembly for use with any cello or upright bass pickup. Does not require modification of the instrument...

$65.00 BJA Select instrument options:

Eastman Hard-shell Cello Case

These hard-shell cello cases offer superior protection at an affordable price. Unlike similar cases, these hold up to the rigors of regular use.

$652.00 $520.00 On Sale! CACL18P- Select color:
Fun With the Cello

A collection of 47 big-note, easy level one solos on folk favorites designed to build technique, range, and endurance while maintaining student interest.

$7.99 MB93482
Fun With the String Bass

A collection of 47 easy-to-play, big-note, level-one solos on folk favorites for young students of the upright bass. Designed to build technique, range, and endurance while maintaining student interest.

$6.95 MB93483
Glasser Cello Bow - All Sizes

Glasser horsehair bows are the industry standard for consistency and durability. Our standard bow for all of our rentals. Made in USA. Available in all sizes.

$110.00 $80.00 On Sale! BWCG- Select size:
K & M Bass Stand

K&M bass stand holds size upright bass. Folds small for easy transport. Adjusts from 23" to 40" high, 16" width. Keep your instrument safe AND out where it can be played!
Made in Germany.

$139.99 $119.99 On Sale! 141-
NS Design Electric Upright Double Bass

NS Design Upright Electric Doubles Basses, available in several models, including the NEW WAV model, 4 or 5 string, includes ...read more

$1,429.00 $999.00 On Sale! Select model:
NS Design NXT4-CE Electric Cello, 4 string sunburst

This NXT Series Electric Cello, sunburst, 4 string, fretless, opens up new vistas for the serious cellist. Crafted in the Czech Republic, NXT cellos exemplify flawless workmanship at an exceptional value. more...

$2,429.00 $1,448.00 On Sale! NXT4-CE Select model:
Realist SoundClip - Cello or Bass Pickup System

The Realist SoundClip clamps easily on to the bridge of any cello or string bass (specify when ordering), without marking or damaging. Clamping allows it to be added to or removed from the bridge at any time without hassle. Great for traveling cellists or bassists, or for those who don't always want a pick-up.

$399.95 RLST- Select model:
Suzuki Cello School

The most widely used cello method in the world! Great collection of tunes to be used as a supplement to other methods, or in conjunction with additional study materials.

$7.99 BOOK- Select Book:
Prelude Cello String Set

Excellent choice for student instruments. This is the standard string that we use on our student instruments and rentals. Durable, better tone, available in all sizes.

$121.75 $59.99 On Sale! J1010- Select size:
Spirit! Cello String Set

The Spirit String line was founded on the principle that making music should bring joy! Available for 4/4 violin or 4/4 cello. Read more...

$215.99 $119.99 On Sale! SP400
Kaplan Solutions Cello Single Strings

Kaplan Solutions A and D cello strings offer a professional tone at an affordable price. Compare favorably with Larsen and other popular upgrade cello strings. Mix with... read more...

$64.90 $29.95 On Sale! KS51- Select:
Thomastik Versum Cello single strings

Thomastik-Infeld Versum cello strings impress with a beautiful tonal balance: a sweet top and a warm, velvety and round bottom...read more

$91.00 $52.00 On Sale! VE- Select String:
Thomastik Spirocore Cello strings

Thomastik Spirocore Cello G and/or C string, 4/4 size. Popular choice to mix with more expensive A and D string combinations. Available in option...read more

$44.00 S- Select single string options:
Supernil Bass String Set

Popular upright bass string for slap, Rockabilly, jazz, or old-time. Easy on the fingers. Not recommended for use with a bow. Read more...

$129.95 1006

This "Chaconne" Model MLS500C 4/4 cello from Maple Leaf Strings is drop-dead gorgeous... read more

$2,399.00 INST-MLS500C
*SOLD* Knilling "London" Model 4/4 Cello

Knilling's "London" Model cello features a two-piece maple back with a matching neck, scroll, and ribs. The top is made of even-grained spruce with inlaid purfling. The pegs, nut, saddle, endpin, and fingerboard are all made out of solid ebony.

$1,999.00 $1,399.00 On Sale! INST-114VC44
Used 3/4 size Doetsch German cello, c1990s.

Used 3/4 size Doetsch German cello, c1990s.

$1,995.00 INST-410
Maple Leaf Strings 4/4 Solid Carved Wood Cello

Attractive European solid tonewoods are used throught this Maple Leaf Strings cello outfit... read more

$2,750.00 $1,849.00 On Sale! INST-MLS130C
Klaus von Holdorf Cello

Klaus von Holdorf handmade 4/4 cello with beautiful tonewoods and tastefully antiqued...

$2,250.00 INST-VC850


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Cello/Bass Items

Cello/Bass Items

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