Lately, there have been major concerns with internet sales of counterfeit strings in the marketplace. Nashville Violins purchases all of our strings directly from the manufacturer, or their authorized US distributors. This allows us to insure that you are getting genuine strings, in the freshest condition, and at the best prices allowed by the manufacturers. If you see the same strings somewhere else for a lower price, then they probably aren't real.

These are just some of our more popular strings. Please inquire if you don't see the strings you wish to purchase.

Spirit! Violin String Set, available in all sizes

The creation of the Spirit string line was founded on the principle that making music should bring joy! Available for violin in all sizes,and more

$69.99 $37.99 On Sale! SP100- Quantity: Select size:
Prelude Violin String Set

Prelude violin strings are manufactured using a solid steel core. Unaffected by temperature and humidity changes, they have excellent bow response. Prelude strings have the warmest sound available in an affordable, solid steel core string design.

$37.75 $17.99 On Sale! J810
Helicore Violin String Set - additional options

Multi-stranded steel core strings built for optimal playability, quick bow response and excellent pitch stability. One of our more popular strings, these are available in all sizes and more

$86.75 $43.39 On Sale! H310- Select option:

Vision Violin String Set

Vision strings for violin by Dr. Thomastik, the makers of Dominant strings. Feature a synthetic core that is more responsive and stable. Easy to play, long-lasting. Available in all sizes.

$88.99 $50.99 On Sale! VI100 Select one:
Dominant Violin String Set -

Available in all sizes, Dominant violin strings deliver a full and mellow sound due to the flexible, multi-strand synthetic core, and have the ability to project their tone without creating a metallic sound.

$110.99 $61.99 On Sale! 135- Select E string set option:
Kaplan Amo Violin String Set

Kaplan Amo delivers warmth, richness, and flexibility for brighter instruments. The synthetic core produces a rich, powerful tone, and short break-in time and excellent bow response provide superb playability.

$168.00 $79.99 On Sale! KA310
Kaplan Vivo Violin String Set

Kaplan Vivo delivers brilliance, clarity, and a robust feel for darker instruments. The synthetic core produces a rich, powerful tone, and short break-in time and excellent bow response provides superb playability.

$168.00 $79.99 On Sale! KV310
Dominant Violin Fractional (3/4, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8) Strings

Dominant violin strings in smaller sizes for fractional sized violins (3/4, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8 and smaller) are a popular choice to help improve the tone on some smaller violins. Read more...

$110.99 $61.99 On Sale! 135B- Select size:
Jargar Classic Violin String Set

Made on a special flexible steel core, Jargar violin strings produce a big, powerful, distinct and well-balanced tone.

$82.99 $49.61 On Sale! 3JVS
Superflex Ropecore Violin String Set

Thomastik-Infeld makes these ropecore steel strings that offer a radiant tone, reduced stiffness, increased elasticity, and an increased responsiveness.

$92.99 $52.99 On Sale! STR-15
Alphayue Violin String Set from Thomastik

New from the makers of Dominant, these new Alpha violin strings are a game-changer! Available in all more

$40.99 $22.99 On Sale! STR-AL100 Quantity: Select size:
Prim Violin String Set

Prim violin strings are an often-requested brand of string for a long-lasting, fast response, medium tone. Made in Sweden. Chromium Steel.

$77.00 $37.75 On Sale! 3PVS
Tonica Violin String Set

Tonica violin strings are made with a synthetic core. Great dependability without the metallic sound typically associated with synthetic strings, Tonica...

$63.71 $38.95 On Sale! 1TVSPB
Zyex Violin String Set

Zyex strings are made with a synthetic core that produces a very warm and rich sound. Zyex is an excellent choice for use on bright sounding instruments.

$106.00 $53.94 On Sale! DZ310A-
Corelli Crystal Violin String Set

Wound on a nylon core, Corelli Crystal violin strings are developed to avoid the typical aggressive nylon sound, delivering a natural warm and rich tone. These strings are often combined with steel or even gut strings to help balance the tone of a violin.

$66.55 $50.00 On Sale! 7YVS
Pirastro Evah Pirazzi Violin String Set

Pirastro Evah Pirazzi string set, good choice for a bright, powerful tone that projects. Specifically designed as a "soloist" string...

$174.30 $81.92 On Sale! 7EPVSB
Pirastro Obligato Violin String Set

Pirastro Obligatos deliver a dark, warm tone, coupled with the stability and quick response of synthetic core strings...

$191.10 $85.43 On Sale! 1BVB Select options:
Pirastro Gold Label Violin E String

Popular choice to mix with other sets. Inexpensive and dependable. Violin, 4/4, E string only, with choice of loop or ball end.

$10.95 $5.95 On Sale! 1GVE- Select end:
Pirastro Violin No. 1 E String, "Universal"

With a coated carbon steel core, the "Universal" E-string from Pirastro is built to avoid the whistling sound typically associated with E strings. The "Universal" E boasts a sweet and brilliant sound giving an outstanding response.

$22.20 $10.93 On Sale! 1UVVE- Select end:
Kaplan Non-Whistling E String

Kaplan Solutions Non-Whistling violin E string. Click below for more information.

$17.75 $8.95 On Sale! KS311W Quantity:
Helicore Violin C String

Single Helicore C string for 5-string violin. Available in medium or heavy gauge.

$41.25 $22.05 On Sale! H315- Select one:
Prelude Viola String Set

D'Addario Prelude strings are an excellent choice for student violas. Available in all sizes.

$58.75 $29.99 On Sale! J910- Select one:
Helicore Viola String Set

Designed from special manufacturing techniques, Helicore strings are made with a multi-strand, twisted steel core. Recommended for instruments with dark tonal qualities and electric instruments using a pickup...

$119.75 $61.95 On Sale! H410- Select one:
Dominant Viola String Set

Dominant viola strings deliver a full and mellow sound, and have the ability to project their tone without creating a metallic sound due to their multi-strand nylon core..

$192.99 $105.99 On Sale! 141 Select one:
Corelli Crystal Short Scale Viola String Set

The best, and only true short scale viola strings on the market! These Corelli Crystal viola strings are specifically designed for violas under 14" more

$104.30 $79.00 On Sale! -7YL-
Prelude Cello String Set

Excellent choice for student instruments. This is the standard string that we use on our student instruments and rentals. Durable, better tone, available in all sizes.

$121.75 $59.99 On Sale! J1010- Select size:
Spirit! Cello String Set

The Spirit String line was founded on the principle that making music should bring joy! Available for 4/4 violin or 4/4 cello. Read more...

$215.99 $119.99 On Sale! SP400
Jargar Classic Cello Single Strings

Using a flexible steel core, Jargar Classic cello strings produce a warm, brilliant, and powerful tone...

$25.49 3JC_ Select string:
Larsen Cello Strings

Larsen cello strings are a long-time standard for the A and D strings. Often paired with a Spirocore G and C for a professional setup.
Made in Demark. Medium tension 4/4 cello only.

$46.50 6LC- Select string options:
Helicore Cello String Set

Helicore cello strings are crafted with a multi-stranded steel core, resulting in optimal playability while producing a clear, warm tone. Premium quality materials combined with skilled workmanship produces strings known for excellent pitch stability and longevity.

$292.25 $151.25 On Sale! H510- Select Size:
Kaplan Solutions Cello Single Strings

Kaplan Solutions A and D cello strings offer a professional tone at an affordable price. Compare favorably with Larsen and other popular upgrade cello strings. Mix with... read more...

$64.90 $29.95 On Sale! KS51- Select:
Thomastik Spirocore Cello strings

Thomastik Spirocore Cello G and/or C string, 4/4 size. Popular choice to mix with more expensive A and D string combinations. Available in more

$44.00 S- Select single string options:
Prelude Bass String Set

Popular and long-lasting Prelude strings are now available for upright bass. Available in all sizes.

$186.00 $89.99 On Sale! J610-
Supernil Bass String Set

Popular upright bass string for slap, Rockabilly, jazz, or old-time. Easy on the fingers. Not recommended for use with a bow. Read more...

$129.95 1006
Helicore Bass String Set - Hybrid or Orchestral

Multi-strand core is easy on the fingers, breaks in quickly, produces a warm, clear tone, and lasts a long time. Hybrid series work well for both pizzicato and with a bow, Orchestral is...

$321.25 $169.95 On Sale! HH610 or H610 Select Option:
Kaplan Bass String set 3/4

Kaplan strings offer a rich tonal color palette and superb bowing response in a beautifully balanced set. The set provides clarity and warmth from low to high registers and allows versatility and control throughout the dynamic spectrum.

$417.25 $217.25 On Sale! K610
d'addario exp16thumb.jpg
Guitar Strings Coated Phosphor Bronze

D'Addario's most popular acoustic sets, EXP16 and EXP17 deliver the ideal balance of volume, projection and comfortable playability.

$15.95 EXP__ Select one:
D'Addario Classical Guitar Strings, Hard Tension

EXP46 guitar strings, with their hard tension, are a popular choice amongst classical guitar players for their rich tone, increased resistance and strong projection.

$12.95 EXP46
EXP Coated D'Addario Mandolin String Set

Warm and bright phosphor bronze tone with the optimal blend of tight playing tension and strong projection. Loopend construction for universal fit.

$15.95 EXP74
D'Addario Titanium Ukulele Strings

D'Addario Titanium Ukulele strings are crafted from a dense monofilament material that has an attractive, translucent purple hue and a polished, smooth feel similar to nylon.

$5.00 EJ87S Select one:
D'Addario Nyltech Ukulele Strings

Developed in cooperation with Aquila, D'Addario Nyltech strings are an exclusive combination of materials designed to deliver an optimal combination of warm, yet punchy tone, comfortable playability, precise intonation and tuning stability not found in other ukulele strings.

$6.45 EJ88S Select one:
Ascenté Violin String Set

The new D'Addario Ascente strings are optimized to the needs of a majority of players.
Available for 4/4, 3/4, or 1/2 size violin...

$39.99 $21.99 On Sale! STR-A310-__ Select Size:
Thomastik Versum Cello single strings

Thomastik-Infeld Versum cello strings impress with a beautiful tonal balance: a sweet top and a warm, velvety and round more

$91.00 $52.00 On Sale! VE- Select String:
Pro-Arte' Violin String Set *Sale*

Pro Arte violin strings are a great choice as an upgrade from steel or other student grade strings. They have a synthetic perlon core and are similar to Thomastik Dominant or Alphayue, and Pirastro Tonica (among others) more...

$63.75 $29.95 On Sale! J56-4/4 Select Option:


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